Recruitment In The Automotive Sector

If you are a job seeker looking for a new challenge, where do you start your search?Take Accountants, for example. There are Financial Recruitment Agencies out there who are major players with high street branches and well known names. They market extensively and enjoy a good reputation so surely they deal with the full range of employers. If not why not?The big players often do deal across the board, but we are all familiar with the old adage “jack of all trades, master of none”. When you look at all the industry sectors who operate in our current commercial world you understand that this is the age of the specialist. If you wanted a software designer, would you take someone from the fashion industry? You may have to if there is a shortage of contenders for your role, but would you wish to pay someone to find one for you? The only reason a consultant would offer you a goat to pull a cart is if it can’t find a horse! And it would do so on the basis that it may take you longer but you’ll get there in the end. That’s not a solution.Anyone who has placed a recruitment ad in a main publication knows that a major pitfall is the sheer volume of aspiring candidates who respond. How do you deal with them, and more importantly who deals with them? Who draws the short straw? This is where specialist recruiters come into their own. A good specialist consultancy with a solid reputation and a well known name in its sector will filter all of the vast range of job titles it holds on its register and come up with a few choice people with the skills and personal attributes that you need in the right locality and salary range. Saving you time and money.Which bring me to my second point and another analogy: Why keep a dog and bark yourself? If you use a general recruitment consultancy you may find yourself, at the worst, inundated with unsuitable CVs from different sectors, or at the best with one or two candidates loosely suited to one or two elements of your role but by no means a perfect fit. Will you be confident in your choice once you’ve made it?Whist it’s true that if you don’t employ you don’t pay, how much time do you spend driving down cul-de-sacs before you reach your goal, and how much productive time do you lose. Who recruits in your organisation, do you have a personnel department or does the task fall to a line manager who wastes valuable time on a journey without a map?As is the case with most outsourced services used by business, if it doesn’t pay to keep a dedicated resource in your business and the learning curve is too steep to contemplate, you outsource. It’s the modern way. You pay for the resource as and when you need it, and the level of expertise that you receive is greater.If you are recruiting in a Niche Market and you chose your consultancy well you should gain access to your key candidate at speed. Eliminating pointless interviews and navigating your way through a whirlpool of employment legislation safely and successfully.