Market Your Auto Shop

Sales are down for body and mechanical shops. Do you remember when the auto business was fun? Seems to be the running joke right now. We will persevere, but we do have to start thinking of a better way to earn additional cash flow for your shop. I have over twenty years in the car industry and have seen times change that’s for sure. Even the internet game have changed for us.One of the most robust tools today is ARTICLE MARKETING. As the consumer knows 90% of what they want; they still want to find the best price and service. They read articles on how to service their vehicles and what they think should be a close estimate of the cost. We can still use tech talk but they can still find what you did and was it important. savvy consumers! You don’t even need to have a website anymore – you can build one at no cost! My suggestion is a blog to build trust and loyalty. But you can still have a website. If nothing else you would need a website just to put on your calling cards. That is an article for another day. You connect your articles and post them to different directories which moves you up the search engines. Don’t forget about the importance of key words.Article Marketing will teach your customer! People are searching for information and you need to provide it. There are probably five shops within ten blocks of you so what is going to make you stick out? The way article marketing works is people scan the internet in Google “auto shop in Mt Pleasant” and Google will find thousands – most not even in your city! They do this through PPC or article marketing. Articles will let you inform the internet patron and at the end of the article let them know who you are and how you can service their vehicle. I know I would go to the valuable shop before someone I can’t even find on the net. Write an article about the importance of an oil change every three thousand miles or even better if the customer went OVER the suggested mileage and you let them know it’s not too late. There’s so many article topics that you could write about to get the customers trust.Do you have to be a pro at writing? No. Today’s programs can help clean up the work. You just have to know what you are talking about. Your other goal is to let the customer know that you are a trustworthy shop with all the tech’s trained to service their vehicle. What services do you have that others do not have? Do you have a points program? Coupons? This is very important to the reader and will separate you from Sam down the road. I would be glad to help.