Discussing Dry Wash Type Automotive Cleaning Products and Their Environmental Advantage

Droughts are serious business and when Level III Droughts hit regions in the US, big water users like car washes are required to shut down. During Level II Drought conditions they are allowed to operate, but if they have water recycling methods, but since they still use some water, they must cut back like any other business.Having retired from the car washing industry, I have been particularly intrigued by our competitors over the years who offered dry washing products for car washing. Personally, I have never liked them much, but that’s probably because they competed with our methods in the mobile car washing and auto detailing sector. In countries like Australia which is having the worst drought in some 200-years, they are big hits with the government and the people.
Yes, Indeed, these types of companies are of interest, and there is a franchise company from Australia that has a concept, which is rather innovative. I have seen these “dry-wash” type products (been around for years, each one attempts to be different). This franchise in Australia has done well in setting themselves apart and differentiation. Amazingly enough, there have been attempts to come into a few US markets with a full-fledged franchise system using this type of product.
Their employees and marketers constantly call me fishing for information pretending to be customers. In Australia, they are dealing with the 500-year drought and it’s really serious, in the future these businesses will be more impressive due to water shortages projected in 23-states by 2012, simply due to growth, and current supply regardless of any “Black Swan Event” that shows up.
There is a Venture Capitalist in the Silicon Valley area who has funded such a business and they have an array of products, wish to tap into mobile services, G-phone GPS online instant ordering etc. But, like MyLacky.com (blew through some 13 million in VC money in 18-months) and the unbelievable disaster of WebVan that squandered a billion dollars and drove off a cliff; these folks will not be able to pull it off without my experience, because no one quite understands the business like I do. Too arrogant for you, sure, self-confidence is part of the entrepreneurial mind, still, in this case it’s hardly arrogant, it just is.
There are a couple of companies around the globe copying each other, the attached from Brazil. It’s their latest rendition, used in the Houston Galleria Mall. This would work very well in Mexico City, which has severe water issues. The little units we built are in-expensive to make. A company out of China builds units that use Steam to clean the car, thus only about half a gallon of water. Still, our units actually clean the car using 2.3 gallons and a real car wash.
The car wash industry has been somewhat underwhelming in my opinion over the years. Carwashes use huge amounts of water to clean cars and they mislead the public, I was very outspoken about this, but, they were lying everyone from the Industry down to bottom feeder carwash owner keeping two-sets of books.  Is the dry wash product car wash the future? Well, if these long-term droughts continue, it appears to be the way of things. Think on this.

Market Your Auto Shop

Sales are down for body and mechanical shops. Do you remember when the auto business was fun? Seems to be the running joke right now. We will persevere, but we do have to start thinking of a better way to earn additional cash flow for your shop. I have over twenty years in the car industry and have seen times change that’s for sure. Even the internet game have changed for us.One of the most robust tools today is ARTICLE MARKETING. As the consumer knows 90% of what they want; they still want to find the best price and service. They read articles on how to service their vehicles and what they think should be a close estimate of the cost. We can still use tech talk but they can still find what you did and was it important. savvy consumers! You don’t even need to have a website anymore – you can build one at no cost! My suggestion is a blog to build trust and loyalty. But you can still have a website. If nothing else you would need a website just to put on your calling cards. That is an article for another day. You connect your articles and post them to different directories which moves you up the search engines. Don’t forget about the importance of key words.Article Marketing will teach your customer! People are searching for information and you need to provide it. There are probably five shops within ten blocks of you so what is going to make you stick out? The way article marketing works is people scan the internet in Google “auto shop in Mt Pleasant” and Google will find thousands – most not even in your city! They do this through PPC or article marketing. Articles will let you inform the internet patron and at the end of the article let them know who you are and how you can service their vehicle. I know I would go to the valuable shop before someone I can’t even find on the net. Write an article about the importance of an oil change every three thousand miles or even better if the customer went OVER the suggested mileage and you let them know it’s not too late. There’s so many article topics that you could write about to get the customers trust.Do you have to be a pro at writing? No. Today’s programs can help clean up the work. You just have to know what you are talking about. Your other goal is to let the customer know that you are a trustworthy shop with all the tech’s trained to service their vehicle. What services do you have that others do not have? Do you have a points program? Coupons? This is very important to the reader and will separate you from Sam down the road. I would be glad to help.

Recruitment In The Automotive Sector

If you are a job seeker looking for a new challenge, where do you start your search?Take Accountants, for example. There are Financial Recruitment Agencies out there who are major players with high street branches and well known names. They market extensively and enjoy a good reputation so surely they deal with the full range of employers. If not why not?The big players often do deal across the board, but we are all familiar with the old adage “jack of all trades, master of none”. When you look at all the industry sectors who operate in our current commercial world you understand that this is the age of the specialist. If you wanted a software designer, would you take someone from the fashion industry? You may have to if there is a shortage of contenders for your role, but would you wish to pay someone to find one for you? The only reason a consultant would offer you a goat to pull a cart is if it can’t find a horse! And it would do so on the basis that it may take you longer but you’ll get there in the end. That’s not a solution.Anyone who has placed a recruitment ad in a main publication knows that a major pitfall is the sheer volume of aspiring candidates who respond. How do you deal with them, and more importantly who deals with them? Who draws the short straw? This is where specialist recruiters come into their own. A good specialist consultancy with a solid reputation and a well known name in its sector will filter all of the vast range of job titles it holds on its register and come up with a few choice people with the skills and personal attributes that you need in the right locality and salary range. Saving you time and money.Which bring me to my second point and another analogy: Why keep a dog and bark yourself? If you use a general recruitment consultancy you may find yourself, at the worst, inundated with unsuitable CVs from different sectors, or at the best with one or two candidates loosely suited to one or two elements of your role but by no means a perfect fit. Will you be confident in your choice once you’ve made it?Whist it’s true that if you don’t employ you don’t pay, how much time do you spend driving down cul-de-sacs before you reach your goal, and how much productive time do you lose. Who recruits in your organisation, do you have a personnel department or does the task fall to a line manager who wastes valuable time on a journey without a map?As is the case with most outsourced services used by business, if it doesn’t pay to keep a dedicated resource in your business and the learning curve is too steep to contemplate, you outsource. It’s the modern way. You pay for the resource as and when you need it, and the level of expertise that you receive is greater.If you are recruiting in a Niche Market and you chose your consultancy well you should gain access to your key candidate at speed. Eliminating pointless interviews and navigating your way through a whirlpool of employment legislation safely and successfully.